IRIB Research & Development

IRIB R&D has made major advances in forward looking basic research and innovation in media technology. It develops innovative new products and technologies in broadcast/broadband industry that leads the development of future technologies in IRIB.
Core research themes at IRIB R&D include deep learning and AI based services, intelligent OTT services, Internet of Things, hybrid broadcast-broadband television (HbbTV), cloud-enabled networking, and IP-based content production.
Our R&D projects often involve collaborations with public or private entities, including universities, government laboratories, technology start-ups and incubators, research institutes and partner companies. IRIB R&D scientists also partner with local universities to share expertise and resources.

The R&D department of the technical deputy in the IRIB is a supporting unit which encourages the self-sufficiency and innovation culture among internal experts, institutes and knowledge-based companies. This department began its activities related to broadcast industry at 1997. As the time passed, its working areas are expanded to broadcast and broadband domains such as IP based production systems, communication technologies, audio and video content distributing equipment, value added services like IPTV, OTT, social TV, hybrid broadcast-broadband and so on. Research and development activities could be classified in providing strategic and practical researches, technology trend monitoring, internal production, executing pilot experiments and cooperating technical committees. Till now, a lot of successful projects have been operated, such as DSNG antenna, Master Control System, DVBT transmitters, Comprehensive Intercom System, Industrial UPS, Switches, Comprehensive New Media Architecture, Social TV and Hbb pilot.


The missions of the R&D department are: 1. Developing long-term practical strategies related to broadcast & broadband fields; 2. Providing practical research outcomes used as reference documents in the IRIB; 3. Facilitating the possible ways for technology transfer and generating local products; 4. Determining evaluation parameters to identify the high growth potential companies; 5. Monitoring the media broadcast technologies trends; 6. Producing knowledge and presenting related innovations; 7. Conducting pilot experiments in media technologies; 8. Developing the national standard documents in broadcast & broadband technical fields; 9. Improving the technical performance of IRIB with the help of experts, academics, knowledge-based companies.


The Mission of the R&D Departments could be gained by the definite duties which are defined as: 1- Providing strategic and practical researches 2- Technology trend monitoring and foresight 3- Customized internal production in accordance with national requirements 4- Executing pilot experiments 5- Cooperating technical committees in broadcast industry and release outcomes