Title: AVIR

Due to the omnipresence of mobile devices in modern life, it is no surprise that media consumption has become increasingly multi-layered with many consumers using an additional screen for secondary activities while watching TV. One of the most exciting new developments is second-screen apps. By keeping their smartphones or tablets viewers can use their second device to look for something relating to the show they're watching.

New ways of earning money through advertising and selling required content are important for commercial broadcasters.

From the point of view of Internet service providers, the second screen topic can be a way to earn money and offer value added services in linear TV package.

Avir is a second screen app that is based on audio and video processing algorithms. By using this application, viewer can take the smartphone camera to the TV screen in order to record few seconds of the program is being played. Then the Avir could detect the program by processing of recorded video, and will provide the appropriate content in accordance with the targeted TV program.



Avir uses server side and client side processing systems. Audio and video fingerprinting is the main technology employed in Avir.


AVIR Server Side System

Fingerprint is very desirable to use in identification applications. Video and audio fingerprinting for TV programs can be exploited for media indexing. Indexing will allow fast matching of the query fingerprint against a large set of enrolled fingerprints. Then related to the TV programs, content-aware value added information is created. Thus, additional information can be presented to the Avir applicant.

It can offer a variety of interactive features such as polls, coupons, lottery or purchase, based on the section of the program currently being broadcasted.

AVIR Client Side App

Avir client side system is developed as a smartphone app. It exploits both Audio and video of targeted TV programs to return the complementary content to the user. Avir app uses the audio of TV program for identification process at first. If processing has been successful, then the complementary content will be returned to the user. Otherwise video will be used for the processing. Using both video and audio signals in the processing system, high system reliability is achieved.


AVIR Features


  • Fast speed browsing. It takes less than 5 seconds to use front-end application for processing the TV programs.
  • Providing variety of value added information such as polls, coupons, vouchers, lottery, purchase of goods and anything else.
  • In-app payment system.