Title: HbbTV
Headline: HbbTV playout kit & HbbTV application test suit

Are you looking for a cost effective solution for testing your HbbTV on all types of HbbTV televisions & set-top box applications?

HbbTV presents broadcasters and operators with a business-model neutral method to combine broadcast and broadband delivery and provide unified, enhanced and compelling interactive services. Catch-up services, VOD, gaming, DRM protected content and operator portals and branded EPGs are all deployed on HbbTV platforms today.

During HbbTV Application Testing, ensuring that applications work on a wide and diverse range of HbbTV devices is a major interoperability challenge. Even if a device has been certified with the test suite, there is no guarantee that it will correctly present an application, which uses HTML and JavaScript features that are not included in the HbbTV specification.

In this regard, we present a dedicated device that is simple to setup and control and that allows the most efficient testing on all types of HbbTV televisions & set-top boxes – with no exceptions. After plugging into the power supply and connecting the antenna, the HbbTV Playout Kit starts broadcasting a local DVB-T multiplex and allows the launch and fine-tuning of HbbTV applications on the end devices without any limitations and without the necessity to build a costly infrastructure.

In our solution, the URL of the HbbTV application's server is transmitted to the HbbTV receiver with a return channel for interaction with the server. Also, in this product, it is possible that the application payload is transmitted via the DSMCC object carousel to the receiver. DSMCC is one of the standards used to broadcast files over transport streams. The most common use is to broadcast decoder software upgrades DVB-SSU.