Hybrid broadcast broadband TV Trial

Title: Hybrid broadcast broadband TV Trial
Description: We have managed an end-to-end Hybrid broadcast broadband TV Trial ( HbbTV) solution in the R&D Lab and evaluated several hybrid services and different methods of service delivery such as DSM-CC (Digital storage media command and control) and over broadband. We have also run an application development and test environment. In this environment, our experts develop HbbTV apps and test them before transmission. Furthermore, we first verify various brands of HbbTV receivers including: IDTVs and STBs (Set-top boxes) for HbbTV 2.0.1 compliance, and then compare them in terms of latency, at the final stage we offer unified user experience. Last but not least, we plan to produce and develop HbbTV applications. The project includes the most demanded services of interactive TV, providing complementary information to the TV content from broadband and broadcast applications, such as news, weather information, Muslim Prayer Times, EPG program and digital teletext.