MCS (Master Control System)

Title: MCS (Master Control System)
Headline: Master Control is the heart of any broadcast facility. Demands for reliability, serviceability, and signal protection are essential. One essential point is that a Master Control can supported migration to 3Gb/s with enhanced branding.
Fielde: Studio Equipment
Start: Jan, 2016
End: 2018
Company: Samim Rayaneh
Main Goals:
  • • Modular & hot swappable hardware
  • • Compact 3U Size
  • • Green Low power design
  • • Built in 40x40 Video Cross point Core
  • • Supports HD/SD standards
  • • Redundant Power Supply
  • • Integrated multi viewer option
  • • Ethernet based control
  • • Video Transitions: fade-cut, cut, cross-fade, cut-fade,V-fade
  • • FTB (Fade to Black)
  • • External Key/Fill for graphic input (for example from CG)
  • • Audio transitions: cross-fade, V-fade and cut
  • • Audio Embedder/De-Embedder with shuffling and gain
  • • Internal Memory for logo Storage
  • • Multi-channel Branding Capability
  • • First fader equipped MCS in the world
Description: Master Control (MC) is the heart of any broadcast operation. For many broadcasters, MC is a major long-term investment. MC operators are responsible not only for technical continuity, but also for overseeing content before it hits the airwaves. With an intuitive and compact control panel, the MCS offers a unique master control operation. MCSs are built to meet the demands of 24/7 operation and they are dedicated card-based solution to provide complete program path protection. MCS supply complete MC solutions including multi-viewers, frame synchronizers and advanced audio connectivity. It can also be integrated into most popular routing systems seamlessly.
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