The new analytical football tools prepare instantaneous statistical and analytical information about current events. It offers audiences to have own analysis and enjoy events more than before. These technologies are based on image processing, machine vision and computer graphic systems.

SPORT ANALYTICAL AND GRAPHICAL SYSTEM is a perfect solution to virtually add some realistic looking 3D overlays to the final TV program streams of a football match such overlays that can visualize the tactics of teams, positioning of players, critical referee decisions, analysis of important moments of match such as goals and free kicks.

In addition to 3D overlays, SPORT ANALYTICAL AND GRAPHICAL SYSTEM is supported by a rich database of statistics for players and teams to generate CG for live broadcast.

SPORT ANALYTICAL AND GRAPHICAL SYSTEM is based on two powerful engines:

1) Machine vision engine that performs image-based calibration tracking to extract the parameters of broadcast camera (pan, tilt, zoom and position), tracks players and extracts Chroma key of the field;

2) Rendering engine that provides augmented reality for 3D overlays, generates and renders graphics and virtual advertisements with tied-to-field view.

Following services are proposed by the SPORT ANALYTICAL AND GRAPHICAL SYSTEM:

  • Generating attractive videos for television broadcasting by overlaying analytical graphics
  • Providing content for second screen services based on OTT and IPTV platforms
  • Providing content for sport programs
  • Creating income by adding virtual advertisement on the football pitch

Generating Analytical Graphics

The broadcast television program stream is fed to the system and a graphic inserted video stream (e.g. offside line, players marking and etc.) is generated. The user can easily access the sequence of video frames and add desired graphical information at any point of the pitch. The graphic inserted video could be previewed and edited. Some of the system features are as follows:

Magnifying capability

Players list

Virtual score board

Throw-in arrow

Graphical data view

Offside line

Defense and attack arrangement

Player marking

Distance to the goal

Hatching an area

Beam on player

Free kick circle

Intermediate frame interpolation during the camera viewing angle changing

Lines and arrows

Player indicator



Player track




Creating Virtual Advertisements

Inserting virtual advertisement is provided like its real counterpart on the football pitch. The user can also place a 3D model of favorite advertisement on any point of the field.