Video Quality Assessment

Title: Video Quality Assessment
Headline: Video Quality Assessment Using Deep Learning Method

 Artificial Intelligence-Based Software 

There are many parameters to assess video quality including brightness, colorfulness, sharpness, transparency and absence of all types of noise etc. These parameters partly determine the video quality, but the perception of viewers is different from the quality of the images, and it seems that they cannot be easily measured. This raises the gap between the reported assessment of software and the perception of viewers. By using artificial intelligence, we were able to fill this gap and provide a criterion in accordance with the perceived quality of viewers. This software reflects the video quality using the illustrated video in sight of viewers and feedback from a large number of viewers about video quality


  1.  Monitoring in media broadcasting
  2. Quality assessment for video producers
  3. Video ranking for search engines
  4. Sorting and measuring similar video for video on demand (VoD) services


 Quality Measurement Indicators

Beside estimating of Mean Opinion Score (MOS), the classic and popular metrics are included in this software. In addition, several other important features have been added to the software to help providers use their benefits.

 Advantages of the software

  •  Comprehensive list of quality features for audio and video 
  • Several Operating modes 
  • Compatibility with most video codec formats 
  • Detailed reports 
  • Real-time alarms for critical features 
  • Adjustable and customizable error thresholds 
  • Inclusion of popular report formats: XML, JSON, CSV 
  • XML output attachable to metadata 
  • Easy access to previous reports by checking outputs attached to metadata